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Was a man who when he saw himself said. I am too small. Too small within this world. And too full of talk. My life I would live. Could I live as a potato bug loves, beating. Myself into the ground when I need you. Then comes the sun and draws its cutlass. Music, he still found a way to write it, his life. A short movement composed solely of rests.

Two sons he had two summers far too loud. Now I am finished with my strings, he says. Enough hammer, enough sustain, the end. Men loyal first off to sustenance or sentence. Ask about the women we say what women. We have are women who have nothing. There is my brother leading a horse whose. Hunger is so loud it shakes the earth shakes.

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The trees and when the apples fall he eats. If she feeds he feeds her only from his knife. If she rides he rides her only when he leaves. There is me. Loyal only to when I tell myself. That boy who has written across his wrist. Voice is a silence in which now I appear. Ask about his mother he says mother. Let her rip. Men who mean something. Different than you when they say we.

Are loyal first off to the end, to the end. Pedro Arturo Estrada is a Colombian poet, story teller and essayist. His work has been included in anthologies around the world.

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Pedro Arturo Estrada —Poeta, narrador y ensayista colombiano, Someone dares to ask after him who has not returned. And the shadows answer: nothing, nobody, no one. Someone wanders sniffing the last steps, the moans he left in the air, the voices that still creep in under the doors.

Alguien se atreve a preguntar por el que no ha vuelto. Y las sombras le contestan: nada, nadie, ninguno. Juana M. She has collaborated with a variety of literary events. Her poems and stories have been included in anthologies and literary journals both printed and online around the world. In , as a poetry consultant to the City of Las Vegas, he was instrumental in the creation of the Lewis Avenue Poets Bridge, a public art project in downtown Las Vegas. There must be more to this than merely crawling head first from the wreck, through the soft cacophony of blanket forts to the rebarbative rebar of buildings, collapsed.

One day the world comes crashing down around your ears. Take note. An accordion wheezes while a lung makes love to a broken rib. Did I say music? You know what I really meant: the chrysalis called tempo, metronome in the dark. Hands claw the debris: finger exercises. Both books were finalists for the Lambda Literary Award.

He is an independent editor book and publishing consultant and teaches in the M. Ambos libros fueron finalistas en el premio Lambda. Francisco X. He is the author of a vast production in the Galician language that includes: poetry, novels, stories, essays, children literature, youth fiction, travel guides, theater and film scripts. He is a poet, actor, performer and college professor.

In , he received a PhD. Teresa Valdivieso and Otounos de Prosa y Verso.

Obtuvo su grado doctoral en literatura latinoamericana y del Caribe hispano de la Universidad Estatal de Arizona Teresa Valdivieso y Otounos de Prosa y Verso. Susana Ada Villalba is an Argentinean poet, playwright and cultural activist. She is the director of Casa de la Lectura of Buenos Aires. In , she received the Guggenheim Fellowship. Susana teaches graduate courses on poetry and theater. Also, she curates and presents a web based poetry radio show National Library of Argentina. Susana Ada Villalba es una poeta, dramaturga y gestora cultural argentina. She currently teaches in the Spanish Department at Rutgers University.

Ha escrito dos plaquetas Paz obscena , Semilla Marianela Medrano is a Dominican writer and poet, with a PhD in psychology living in Connecticut since Marianela Medrano es dominicana y vive en Connecticut Estados Unidos desde I so they would trust us, because I knew they were people who would convert to our faith, with love and not by force, gave them some red berets and some glass stones and many other worthless things. She is a novelist, poet, and translator. She holds a Ph. A selection of her work was translated into Rumanian and published under the titled Pravalirea focului Her poetry was also translated into Italian under the title of Accento Magico The translator Gary Recz just finished translating Los arquitectos de lo imaginario into English.

She published the collection of short stories, La Virgen de la Noche and Vaso Roto just published her novel Los traductores del viento in November. Es codirectora de la revista literaria Galerna. La editorial Vaso Roto acaba de publicar, en noviembre, su novela Los traductores del viento.

He is the author of seventeen collections of poetry published in the United States and abroad. His poetry, translated into several languages, is the subject of several books and courses and has been selected for the Archives of Hispanic-American Literature of the Library of Congress. Pilot of failures and ambitions I have come to cleave the pure night.

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  • The moon enticed by dusk illuminates joy with a full, pale face like one in love. Beneath the moon and sun desires navigate in gondolas. We all fly to decipher bit by bit that perplexing color in which we are a shadow and a turbulent feather. Piloto de fracasos y ambiciones he venido a surcar la noche pura. Todos volamos para descifrar poco a poco ese color perplejo del que somos una sombra y una pluma turbulenta. Joanna C.

    Valente lives in Brooklyn, New York. In her spare time, she is a mermaid. Valente vive en Brooklyn, Nueva York. En su tiempo libre es una sirena. In Coney Island, there is a body stranded on uneven sand making love to earth, polluted space. Swarms of moths stroke her back, wings. She swats them with her plastic Chinese fan from the corner 99 cent store, thinking about the hands.

    No la quites. I began as something shameful, something flawed, when I faced the stark reflection of myself in the gold bathroom mirror, kept my mouth closed. I rode asphalt crests through hills that summer, stink of skunk-spray, aloe, honeysuckle, cows. I parked—lights flicked through smog—eased down my zipper.

    I rode all night in a white Camaro with a young Filipino who picked me up in the Brass Rail. He pushed my head to his lap. When he rolled the white door open, I rolled free. Seeking what? Sidling into nights unseen, cruising men with molded torsos guiding their hips through huge underground discos, one-night scenes,.

    Where else if not here could eyes dart black pools of mirrors, numbers and rooms where another pair of eyes waited for me? The stiff plunge in beneath a whirring fan. Afterwards, the twin robes printed with cranes. Too scared of what I was, what I might be,. She has received numerous distinctions such as the Guggenheim and the Civitella Ranieri fellowships.

    Several of her works have been reedited, translated and published in Canada, England, Italy and Rumania. She is also the director of Ediciones Pen Press. Ha recibido numerosas distinciones como las becas Guggenheim y Civitella Ranieri Ralph Nazareth India, Mangalore. Poet, editor and scholar. He is a professor of English at Nassau Community College. He is also the managing editor of Yuganta Press in Stamford. His poetry collection Ferrying Secrets was published in India in Su libro de poemas Ferrying Secrets fue publicado en India en Poet, visual artist and educator.

    She earned a doctorate in applied linguistics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her poems have been translated to several languages and received literary awards. Poeta, artista visual y educadora. Sus poemas han recibido premios literarios y han sido traducidos a varias lenguas.

    En un mundo sensato comedido donde ya nada nuevo es necesario. Poet and editor. He is one of the most prolific writers of his generation. Poeta y editor. When I come home I see ramshackle houses cats on the corners garbage in the streets men hanging from their own ties dogs flying like birds trees philosophizing with ghosts the dead thinking they are archangels flies breeding cockroaches men surviving. When I come home nostalgia cannot sleep memories flow through my mind and the embrace of my father, dead, who eagerly asks:.

    Poet and translator. Her work has been widely translated and published in literary journals around the world. Gladys is currently residing in Santiago de Chile. Poeta y traductora. Su trabajo ha sido ampliamente traducido e incluido en revistas literarias alrededor del mundo. En la actualidad reside en Santiago de Chile. In interiors by night-light and by our own admission, we levitate.

    It is our birthright.

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    Suppose the cargo was brought for our welfare: a kind of instruction toward ill, produce we could not afford. An attempt to recover the economy of youth, thoughts about the climate and the waste of our prose. There were trees the storm had reserved, fathers unmannered at the effort.

    Our theater confused the gods. We observed the trees. We never knew the fluttering made them distinct. Pedro Antonio Valdez The city lays dressed with shadows Seven square miles of watercolors Paint a drunken smile on any corner Men without destiny From five to ten counting the efforts Lost in memories and evocations Marked in their faces Murdered by boredom Continue in the womb Who deceives them The night Multiplied Blurred in spades of light Is always awaken The city Hides in its sewage Subways and neon lights The American dream Accomplice of the savage code and the sophism While there continue to be one thousand reasons In any corner To slice your wrists with a needle Inhale some dust to alleviate the senses And kill in some way or another These new prank of our destiny.

    La noche multiplicada difuminada en espadas de luces permanece despierta. Que tienen que buscarse la vida como pueden y sobrevivir al duro invierno. Muchos de ellos huelen el pegamento para contener el hambre y escaparse del violento mundo que les rodea. Con todo, consideran que la vida en las calles es una alternativa mejor a la que ya han experimentado, incluso en sus hogares. Fue nominado al Oscar a Mejor Documental en The days of George W. How a bunch of people influenced by neo-cons hawks took control of the US foreign policy.

    Documentary portraying the actions of U. Interviews with UU toda la maldad existente de este mundo y si ellos quieren algo y no se lo entregas te conviertes en un futuro Irak. Languages: Spanish 20 de marzo del , Bagdad. National Geographic Video: Vietnam's Unseen War is a documentary hosted by photographer Tim Page, who visits former soldiers and journalists on both sides of this year struggle and uses the work of North Vietnamese photojournalists to offer an unusual perspective on the tragic consequences of the war, and how it shaped Vietnam's political and economic climate.

    Languages: Arabic, English "Different channels. Different truths. Michael Moore, George W. Languages: English "This might hurt a little. Languages: English, Arabic "The temperature where freedom burns! Busch, George Bush, George W. National Threat. Morgan Spurlock, Dr.

    Daryl Isaacs, Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, Dr. An irreverent look at obesity in America and one of its sources - fast food corporations. Los resultados son, cuando menos, pasmosos. Languages: Portuguese "A place where there's no God. No hay duda: 'Isla de Las Flores' es una obra prima. Es un corto bien humorado, sin que con eso transforme la desgracia Esta lucha por la tierra ha generado cientos de muertes entre el campesinado. Documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance.

    Y es que las corporaciones suelen ser vistas como entes abstractos, pero sus actividades afectan la vida de millones de personas alrededor del mundo. Es una maquinaria de la irresponsabilidad. Es una oportunidad para amplificar los peores aspectos de la naturaleza humana, como explotar y hasta asesinar en nombre de los inversionistas".

    Superavit no construye, destruye. Languages: "It's just business. James Lawson, Julie R. Stein, Laura Tanaka. Languages: English "It will change the way you think, feel - and shop Hasta ahora, el precio ofrecido no ha sido suficiente. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown Interviews with scientists and authors, animated bits, and a storyline involving a mute photographer Matlin are used in this docudrama to illustrate the link between quantum mechanics, neurobiology, human consciousness and day-to-day reality.

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    Pero en aquellos mismos instantes, James Earl Ray planea su atentado Sofie is an ordinary Norwegian girl. One day she recieves a video tape on which a certain Alberto Knox talks directly to her from ancient Greece Salimos de los siglos del Oscurantismo y de la ignorancia. Este documental fue creado por Chris Den Hond. Basada en la popular novela de Richard D. The storyline: A scientist invents a Pepito para los amigos.

    Languages: French A comprehensive animated survey of the evolution of humanity and the history of predominately Western Civilization. L'Inferno, obra que adapta una de las partes de la Divina Comedia de Dante. Ello le lleva a Dante a considerarse un pecador y a querer librarse de sus pecados. El poeta Virgilio acepta el encargo de conducirle hacia la virtud, requerido por la amada de Dante, Beatriz. Languages: Drama. Ivanov 82 minutes I. Languages: Drama social. Se producen reuniones conspirativas de los trabajadores. Languages: Cine Mudo con Musica Largometraje argumental mudo estrenado en Santiago el 24 de noviembre de Tiempos modernos fue un filme a caballo entre el cine mudo y sonoro.

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    A View from Abroad

    His mother plots a scheme to cover up the crime and keep the jewels. Ganador de Fondart , este cortometraje valdiviano a participado en mas de 30 festivales de cine, logrando una docena de premios y el reconocimiento de la gente. Tras encontrar un valioso tesoro, Quique comete un crimen. Su madre urde un plan para encubrir el delito y quedarse con las joyas. Esta pelicula cuenta sobre la vida y lucha del General de hombres libres, Augusto Nicolas Calderon Sandino, quien enfrento a las tropas opresoras de EE. The adventures of a young man as he moves from the Latin-American revolutions in the sixties and seventies, through Hungary in the eighties, to the Croatian war in Podemos observar en Quebracho, al igual que en La Patagonia rebelde, el papel fundamental que han jugado las ideas de los inmigrantes europeos referidas al anarco-sindicalismo, en el surgimiento del movimiento gremial.


    However, the cynicism, greed and inhumanity of a 19th-century British company in exploiting the quebracho forests of the Chaco in northern Argentina has rarely been equalled. This drama shows how the corporation, with the cooperation of authorities, enslaved the local population to harvest every one of the tannin-producing but slow-growing quebracho trees, leaving behind a decimated and impoverished population and a wasteland with no quebracho trees. The film also shows how the resistance of the local people was brutally suppressed so that the lucrative trade could continue.

    Son cuatro narraciones que refuerzan el ideal comunista frente al capitalismo. Uno de ellos pasa la noche con ella. Loco de rabia, prende fuego a los campos, a su hogar y muere entre las llamas. Determinado a cumplir con su cometido, Mario deja a su mujer e hijos para unirse a los revolucionarios. Cuba, 24 de febrero de Bjorn y Amancio contrapuntean una historia acerca de la amistad, los estereotipos, la aventura y el amor.

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    Cuenta la historia de Jean Valjean que, dura e injustamente condenado por robar una barra de pan, se ve perseguido por la justicia a lo largo de toda su vida. Transcurre en Francia, durante la primera mitad del siglo XIX, en ambientes rurales y capitalinos. Jean Valjean escapa nuevamente para cumplir la promesa que le hizo a Fantine, antes de su muerte, de ir en busca de su hija, Cosette, a la venta de los Thenardier.

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    Loach te engancha y te implica en la atrocidad del desenlace, pero ya es muy tarde para mi paciencia. Se trata de la lucha de las clases bajas e inmigrates contra los poderes empresariales que les someten. Biography of famed artist Salvador Dali, focusing mainly on his relationship with girlfriend Gala and the time they spent in New York City in and his early days in Spain collaborating with filmmaker Luis Bunuel.

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    El periodista Kazajo debe viajar a Estados Unidos por orden de su gobierno. Basada en hechos reales.. Languages: English Estranged by the degree of corporate influence within the largest U. Cualquier parecido con la realidad no es pura coincidencia. Hay ediciones de , , , y Ariosto, Orlando furioso Toledo, ; Hernando de Hoces, trad. Boiardo, Orlando enamorado Valencia, ; G. Virgilio, Eneida Toledo, Maxime Chevalier, L'Arioste en Espagne Jorge de Montemayor, La Diana, ed.

    Juan Montero con est.

    Soledad Puértolas

    Cancionero espiritual Valladolid, , ed. Bruce W. Wardropper, Valencia, Castalia, Miguel A. Obras, ed.

    Calle 13 - Vamo' A Portarnos Mal (Video)

    Rafael Ferreres, Madrid, Espasa-Calpe, Iesu Christo Valencia, Joan Mey, ; ed. Los tres pliegos que conocemos anteriores a son los siguientes: Glosa de diez coplas de don Jorge Manrrique Castellana, , ; el documento se reproduce en