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Don't choose too fast You can't judge a book by it's cover Make sure that what you see is what you get And red between the lines. Don't place too much faith In someone else's reputation Watch closely, they might be just a shadow Of the person they're supposed to be.

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In the raw Just can't fake it Gonna see what you're made of In the raw I can't change it Everybody's got their own way. Girl, you look at me But only see what's on the surface And I might just be with you expect of me There's that possibility. Just strip away your thought And only speak what's on your mind Cause whatever I tell you, you know it's from the heart And that's the bottom line Woo. In the raw There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide From what you really are inside You never gain from tellin' lies The truth wears no disguise.

Below is the most popular video breakdown. The next one gets credit for at least acknowledging that part of the speech might just be impossible to hear:. Is the best thing I can [???

Between the lines: Hollywood's whispers about Weinstein, Entertainment News - AsiaOne

At some point, he has to tell it to her. Like any good conspiracy, this one has its own Truthers. The following three videos make a convincing case. Go to that man and tell him the truth, okay?

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Tell the truth. Beyond the videos, there are plenty of theories around the Internet that are tied less to audio compression and more to wonder:. This would mean the woman Murray talks to on the phone was in reality future Charlotte. As can be read on this message board post , a theory posits that the entire last scene was just a fantasy.

The biggest piece of evidence for this point is that when the two characters say good-bye in the hotel, Charlotte goes up in the elevator, yet when we next see her she is somehow ahead of him. It almost seems too random for it to be true. Sorry, we just very much hope this one is true.