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With Aiden and Jodie bonded back together, it's time to locate Ryan. Luckily, he's held in the room directly across from Jodie. Head inside as Aiden and tend to his wounds. When he's healed, break down the door. The two will regroup. Jodie sends him to the submarine to plan an escape route, while she decides to venture on a quest: close the condenser for good.

You are now in control of Jodie again. She mentions she needs to obtain the explosives that were brought on the mission. The bombs are located in the interrogation room nearby with the gun-labeled door. Choke the man out, then enter the room and snag the explosives on the large red crate. With the explosives in hand, head straight and proceed right through the red-colored hall. This leads you to a docking bay.

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See that nifty suit hanging on the bracket? Grab it and suit yourself up — we're going underwater. Once Jodie dons the diving gear, descend into the pool via the ladder. On the ocean floor, switch on your light press X to improve your sight. Move towards the rift. Surrounding the condenser are three cores highlighted with green lights.

Your task is to plant an explosive on each core so Jodie can set a detonation timer. They're all in close-proximity, so you'll have this done in a jiffy. Upon placing the third explosive, the camera pans to the entities above you.

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Ignore it for now and concentrate on getting out of there. Follow the lighted path the same way you came in. As you attempt to leave, an evil entity in the form of a sea monster appears in the aquatic. It seems the monster is rather hungry at the moment and wants Jodie for dinner.

Begin escaping the beast by running in the opposite direction tap X rapidly. Jodie will soon return to the Dragon's base. Returning to the ship, Jodie will encounter the Dragon's commander. He won't go down without a fight, however, and is rather angered by the prevention of his project.

Evade his attacks and follow the quick-time prompts; soon enough, the sea entity will crash the party and attempt to take the base down. There are several obstacles in your path when escaping the base, most notably the water that floods in.

Beyond Measure

Sway away from the threats and keep moving. Be ready to dodge the entities, the shattered glass and a soldier that grabs you.

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As you reach the flooded room, head left and climb over the wreckage blocking the door. At the main gate, tap X repeatedly to make it to the submarine dock. Ryan will soon surface with the sub. Unfortunately, the sub sustained tremendous damage after the cinema presented to you try turning on the switch panel. The only option left is to swim your way out — get up, exit the sub hatch and then swim to the ocean's surface.

Press the button cue rapidly to surface the ice ledge. If you don't make the swim, you'll receive the bad ending. Refer to the Alternate Ending section at the end of this guide. If you make it out of the Dragon's hideout safely, Jodie and Ryan will breach the ocean's surface and make it to land. Here, the two of them have a conversation and it's revealed Ryan has strong feelings for Jodie. A decision is placed in front of you here; in essence, it's a yes or no question.

The choice is yours.

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  • If you fail to escape the base before it sinks or fail the swim from the submarine , Jodie will fall unconscious or drown. Ryan will come to the rescue, and you'll get the bad ending to this chapter. It seems Jodie is done for.

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    Torturous Situation As Jodie and Ryan arrive at the base, you'll witness a cinema. Underwater Base Arriving at the underground base, open the latch and exit the submarine. It became gangrenous, and that ultimately claimed his life. She sent her children off to various rescue parties, but she stayed with George until the very end.

    One of the surprises in the book is that, if history had turned out differently, Abraham Lincoln might have died with the Donner Party. How did he connect to this story? For me, James Reed is the most interesting character. He was this entrepreneurial Irish immigrant who built a business in Sangamon County, Illinois. In Springfield, the state capital, there was this astute young prairie lawyer who helped Reed in various business matters.

    They had been messmates in the Black Hawk War , were good friends, and when Reed declared bankruptcy and set out on the trail to rebuild his life, it seems this young lawyer, Mr. Lincoln , was very interested in going as well. Lincoln was interested in California for the entirety of his life. He was even offered civic office out in the Pacific Northwest. He might have signed up for the Donner Party, but he had a driven, and often obstinate wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

    She already had kinsmen in California, who had gone out in earlier wagon trains. But at the time of the Donner Party, she had a young toddler son and was pregnant with another. Lincoln was also just beginning his political career, after being elected to his one term of Congress. How did the survivors of the Donner Party, particularly children, come to terms with what they had done and seen?

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    Did they go on to live normal lives—or were they too scarred by their experiences? Eating human flesh was a total, last resort. People say, 'Oh, those cannibals, how could they do that? Some of them never ever spoke of it again. Some denied it, but not that many. A lot of them went on to live perfectly normal and successful lives, like James Reed, who became a prosperous citizen and business leader in San Jose, California.

    Not many people have talked to the descendants. But they have a great deal to say! There was no guilt or embarrassment.

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    It proved several things to me. This grand expansionist movement came at a critical time, when America was fixated on extending its borders. Yet I found many of the decisions were not good decisions. As it slowly melted away in the current, we followed it downstream all the way to the little wooden bridge that we discovered on our previous visit , last October. With the trails beyond the bridge still closed due to the snow, we made our way back to the car.

    Annette is French, married to an Irish man, and they live in Wicklow with their four bilingual children.