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Press enter to begin your search. Less Phone. More Life. Wirelessly charge your phone face down. Slide your phone face down into your Pause charger.

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Perfect for hiding notifications and avoiding distractions from your phone. Let it charge face down. Works with all Qi Wireless compatible iPhone and Android phones. Enjoy your new found space and presence.

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Syntax pause. Note If you previously disabled the pause setting, reenable it using pause 'on' for this call to take effect. Examples collapse all Pause Execution. Open Live Script. Disable Pause Setting.

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Save and Restore Pause State. Input Arguments collapse all n — Number of seconds nonnegative, real number.


To run interactive code unattended, disable the pause setting. Tips The accuracy of the pause function is subject to the scheduling resolution of your operating system, and to other concurrent system activity. This completes the challenge and unlocks the Artificer.

Do note that in multiplayer lobbies only one player can complete the challenge and unlock the Artificer at once.

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